Volume : IV, Issue : VI, June - 2015

Self–healing carboxymethyl chitosan(CMCS) hydrogel composites with a focus on hydrogels containing nanowhiskers of cellulose (CNWs)

Yiqiang Li, Chao Guan, Pei Yang, Yudong Liu, Jianzhang Li, Jiufang Duan

Abstract :

 The poor mechanical properties of hydrogels have limited its application. Here, CNWs were faicated and used to reinforce CMCS hydrogels. A series of CMCS/CNWs films were prepared by CMCS solution with CNWs suspensions homogeneously dispersed. The morphology of the resulting hydrogels was analyzed by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), the enhancement of the mechanical properties of the composites hydrogels were demonstrated by mechanical testing. Among the CNWs contents used, a loading of 2 wt % led to the maximum extension at eak 95% and a loading of 3 wt % led to the maximum value of 650KPa for the composite hydrogels. The incorporation of CNWS led to a decrease in the swelling capacity. Besides excellent mechanical properties, CNWS composite hydrogels also have the capability of self–healing. We conclude that the incorporation of CNWs is a simple and promising way to reinforce composite hydrogels without impairing self–healing capacites. In light of these observations, this study provides a novel method to expand the application of CMCS hydrogels.

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Yiqiang Li, Chao Guan, Pei Yang, Yudong Liu, Jianzhang Li, Jiufang Duan Self-healing carboxymethyl Chitosan(CMCS) Hydrogel Composites With a Focus on Hydrogels Containing Nanowhiskers of Cellulose (CNWs) Paripex‾Indian Journal Of Research, V

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