Volume : V, Issue : IV, April - 2016

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 30 premenopausal female patients with fiomyalgia syndrome diagnosed according to ACR 1990 criteria and 35 premenopausal healthy females were included in this study. Serum interleukin–23 levels were measured in the sera of both the patient and control groups. Widespread body pain, headache, fatigue, morning stiffness, sleep disorder, the number of tender points, fiomyalgia impact questionnaire and depression were evaluated as clinical parameters in the patients with fiomiyalgia syndrome. The mean serum interleukin–23 levels of patients with fiomiyalgia syndrome and control groups were determined as 236.44±116.88 pg/ml and 130.27±73.23 pg/ml, respectively, and there was significant difference between the groups. There was no significant correlation between serum interleukin–23 levels and most of the clinical symptoms of fiomiyalgia syndrome.Although we determined higher serum IL–23 levels in fiomiyalgia syndrome patients compared to healthy controls, it was concluded that serum interleukin–23 levels may not be related to the clinical symptoms of fiomiyalgia syndrome.

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