Volume : V, Issue : IV, April - 2016

Abstract :

 Aim of the study is to analyze the level of awareness in COPD patients and analyzing the need for awareness in target groups. Methodology: 44 COPD patients diagnosed as per GOLD criteria were selected for the study and a cross sec–tional study was done and data obtained using a questionnaire method was evaluated using proper statistical analysis. Results: Majority of the patients belongs to age group between 65 and 74 years and majority belongs to very low eco–nomic status. Only 50% of patients were having awareness regarding COPD and smoking correlation. 47.7 % patients were heavy smokers. 95.5% patients who got awareness about the disease quit smoking. Government hospital patients were more aware than private hospital patients regarding COPD. Conclusion: COPD awareness can really make an impact on the epidemiology and prognoses in COPD patient’s .Government programmes are really useful in creating awareness among patients to quit smoking. Lower socio economic patients should be a prime targets in awareness pro–grammes.

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COPD   Smoking   awareness   Lung diseases  

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