Volume : VI, Issue : VIII, August - 2017

Socio–Economic Background and Aspirations of Scheduled Castes students in J&K

Dr. Virender Koundal

Abstract :

 India is known as one of the fastest developing economy in the world. But the most disturbing feature of the Indian economy is its lower record in human resource development.. It is noticed that due to poor socio–economic background, people have less opportunities in prep√• their young children because they typically have less access to the resources to promote and support young children‘s development. Keeping in view this, we are ascertaining educational and occupational aspirations of Scheduled Caste students of different socio–economic backgrounds. It is found that there is significant effect of parental economic status and educational aspiration of the student on the level of further study. It means that with the increase in the economic status of the parents there is an increase in the percentage of those who aspire for higher education. Similarly, economic status and occupation aspiration seems to have a positive correlation. It shows that those who are economically well choose high profession for their future career. 

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DR. VIRENDER KOUNDAL, Socio–Economic Background and Aspirations of Scheduled Castes students in J&K, PARIPEX‾INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH : VOLUME-6 | ISSUE-8 | AUGUST-2017

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