Volume : X, Issue : V, May - 2021

Some repellants and deterrents for monkeys in conflict with humans in Yatinuwara, Sri Lanka

H. K Isuru, C. Senevirathne, D. R. N. S. Samarawickrama, D. Basnayaka, G. G. N. D. Ariyasinghe, M. E. M Liyanage, D. P. Manawadu, A. Dangolla

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SOME REPELLANTS AND DETERRENTS FOR MONKEYS IN CONFLICT WITH HUMANS IN YATINUWARA, SRI LANKA, H.K Isuru, C. Senevirathne, D.R.N.S. Samarawickrama, D. Basnayaka, G.G.N.D. Ariyasinghe, M.E.M Liyanage, D.P. Manawadu, A. Dangolla PARIPEX-INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH : Volume-10 | Issue-5 | May-2021

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