Volume : VI, Issue : IV, April - 2017

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 Aim: Prospecutive evaluation of 30 cases of minimally invasive retinal  detachment surgery(MIDS) in primary retinal detachment with respect to vision and fundus over a period of one year after surgery irrespective of age, sex and etiology.

Method: 30 patients with primary rhegmatogenous retinal detachment were evaluated completely  with respect to vision, anterior segment and posterior segment .All underwent external retinal detachment surgery with application of cryotheraphy around eak followed by application of radial or circumferential sponge to the eak.Patients were observed daily in ward by indirect ophthalmoscopy for 7 days and then were followed up regularly in opd after 1 week,3 week,6 week and 3 month. Case in which retina was not settled was termed as failed case.

Result: Out of 30 patients ,23  patients has successful anatomical retinal reattachment while 7 required revision surgery in the form of sclera buckling with suetinal fluid drainage. Of the 7 patients who needed revision surgery 6 cases were due to a missed eak or non localization of eak, while 1 case had an inferior tractional band which  was treated with vitrectomy and silicon oil. All 7 patients settled after second surgery.

Conclusion: MIDS surgery  is treatment of choice in uncomplicated rhegmatogenous retinal detachments in which retinal eaks or a hole is the only cause of detachment. The success of this surgery lies largely with accurate preoperative localization of eak, the number, position  and size of eak. Also  absence of drainage puncture decreases the frequency of intra and postoperative associated complication.

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