Volume : VI, Issue : I, January - 2017

Abstract :

 Background: Thyroid disorders are reported at high prevalence during pregnancy, affecting ~5% of all pregnancies. Maternal thyroid disorders are implicated to influence foeto–maternal outcomes.

Objective: To estimate prevalence of thyroid disorders in pregnant women and study the maternal and perinatal outcome with thyroid disorders.

Methodology: 864 pregnant women were screened for thyroid disorders & were evaluated for maternal & foetal complications by predefined outcome measures.

Observations: Of 864 patients screened, 105 were diagnosed with thyroid abnormality and followed up till delivery, with newborn thyroid profile on day 7. Of 105 participants having thyroid abnormalities; 88 had subclinical hypothyroid (83.8%), 14 (13.3%) had overt hypothyroidism. Significant associations were noted between various maternal & foetal complications and thyroid disorders.

Conclusion: Thyroid disorders were more commonly associated with maternal and foetal complications.

Keywords :

Pregnancy   Thyroid Disorder.  

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