Volume : IV, Issue : VI, June - 2015

Study the prevalence and antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of bacteria isolated from blood cultures of children in Baghdad

Nadheemahammood Hussein, Butheinamahamed Taha, Khetamhabeeb Rasool, Jumaahdakel Hussein

Abstract :

The present study was carried out to determinetheprevalence of bacteriaresponsible for blood stream infection (BSI) among childrenin Fattima–AL–Zahra Hospital for Pediatric and Obstetric/ Baghdad and to get an updated knowledge about their antibiotic resistance pattern during one year period of study extended from 1 January till 31 September 2014. All blood cultures were done by BacT/ALERT 3D device.Identification of pathogens and antimicrobial susceptibility testing were done by using Vitec–2 system.A total of 1012 blood cultures were received from children suspected with blood stream infections. Out of 324positive blood cultures, the isolation rate of Gram positive and Gram negative isolates was 242 (74.69%) and 82 (25.31%), respectively.Coagulase negative Staphylococci(CoNS)was the most frequently isolated bacteria in blood cultures, 211 (87.19%) isolates (P–value< 0.05).It was shown that Escherichia coli was the most frequently isolated Gram negative bacteria in blood specimens from children patients(28.04%). The most effective antibiotics on Gram–positive isolates were Nitrofurantoin,Moxifloxacin,Tigecycline, Levofloxacin andLinezolid. In Gram negative bacteria the most effective antibiotics on these isolates were Imipenem and Meropenem.

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NadheemaHammood Hussein, ButheinaMahamed Taha, KhetamHabeeb Rasool, JumaahDakel Hussein Study the Prevalence and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern of Bacteria Isolated from Blood Cultures of Children In Baghdad Paripex‾Indian Journal Of Resea

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