Volume : IV, Issue : VII, July - 2015

The influence of NAA on embryo germination of the olive

Dr. Hairi Ismaili

Abstract :

 Emyo germination was experimented over a period of three years as part of the emyogenesis of the olive endocarps. During April the endocarps were treated with immersion of NAA, C12H10O2 , per 12 hours in three different solutions, 50, 100, 500 ppm. The endocarps were stratified in a substrate sand+peat+endocarps (3:1:1), in a habitat with temperature from 150 C to 170 C for wood decomposition and emyonic awakening. After planting and germination the results were as follows: n0 zygotic emyos, nopolyemyos, no somatic emyos, no pseudo– emyos. The results proved NAA100 and NAA50 for better emyogenesis, respectively: NAA100/KAN 17.6% and NAA100/HH 73,9%. 93% of germination force derives from cellular growth within the zygote. KAN cv had exaggerated pseudoemyos 83–86%, whereas HH cv 29–40%. The concentrations from 50 to 100 ppm, yielded zygotic emyo 43%, Polyemyos 1.5%, somatic emyos 0.75%. Concentration 500 ppm developed much more polyemyony. High percentage of germination occurred only when endocarp structure was changed, thus lowering its resistance to emyo spreading. NAA served as a good promoter of the emyogenesis process and physiological ripeness. Under these circumstances the effect of hormone induction is 9.5% and 30%.

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