Volume : V, Issue : I, January - 2016

Ultra–Wideband RF Modules for Communication Systems

Albert Sabban

Abstract :

Communication and Radar industry in microwave and mm wave frequencies is currently in continuous growth. Radio Frequency modules such as Front End, Filters, Power Amplifiers, Antennas, Passive Components and Limiters are important modules in Radar and communication links. Accurate design of mm wave RF modules is crucial. Several ultra–wideband RF modules are presented in this paper. Development and design considerations of a compact Wideband 18 to 40GHz Front End and Switch Filter Bank Filter are described in this paper. The RF modules and the system was designed by using ADS system software and momentum RF software.

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Albert Sabban Ultra-Wideband Rf Modules for Communication Systems Paripex-Indian Journal Of Research, Vol: 5, Issue : 1 January 2016

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