Volume : V, Issue : IV, April - 2016

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 Improving maternal health among tribal population is important due to poor utilization of health care services. Study aimed to perceive awareness of maternal health care services among women in Baiga tribe of district Dindori, Madhya Pradesh. This cross sectional study was conducted during 2009–10. A total of 460 women were interviewed to be acquainted with their knowledge. Knowledge about the Maternal health services, younger women was 58% statistically higher (Z=2.8245, P<0.05) than older 44%. Knowledge about resource of ANC checkup as Anganwari Kendra , ANM & first ANC visit in fist trimester was significantly higher in younger women. Awareness of danger signs during pregnancy were seen higher (16.6%) among older women (Z=2.13,P<0.05). Awareness regarding better place of delivery as health institution among younger women was 51.2% significantly elevated (X2 =2.306, P<0.05) Awareness on MCH issues were poor except little better in younger women.

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Awareness   Maternal   Baiga tribe   India   

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