Volume : V, Issue : IV, April - 2016

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 Considering the various risk factors that influence on a healthy workplace, the objective of this paper focus on the influence of the use of technology towards counterproductive work behavior. The study specifically focuses on the Counterproductive work behavior towards organization (CWB–O).The consequences of these behavior ranges from minor outcomes to serious outcomes. Despite the growing interest on the studies on workplace deviance, research into technology intervened Counterproductive work behavior has always been less focused. Many documents on counterproductive work behavior has been reviewed, examined, studied and discussed. Counterproductive work behavior is detrimental and costly for the survival of organization. The misuse of information and communication technology in the workplace is a growing problem that is expected to continue or to tend upwards. Penetration of technology into job related role grows higher and inevitable. The use of personal mobile devices becomes institutionalized, and it is the right time for the managers now to decide how much of working hours will they tolerate their employees spending on personal issues during their working hours. Putting it in another way, managers must also cope with the reality that a certain amount of what was once considered to be a deviant behavior in the workplace previously may now become mandatory. This study proposes a potential approach and conceptual clarity on counterproductive use of technology. The absence of a strong program against technology misuse at workplace would still remain as a challenge for the organizations in losing its reputation and its employees

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