Volume : IV, Issue : XII, December - 2015

Working women in India: An overview

A. Saiyadha Begum, C. A. Basheer Ahamed Khan

Abstract :

In India, women have no doubt been participating in the economic activities and working women as such is not a new class woman, as they have always been working in the fields and at crafts by the side of their men. Even women working in the urban areas is not a new thing, for women from the economically lesser privileged strata society have been working since long for wages in factories and mines, at construction sites, and as menial servants and domestic helpers. It is the decade women, especially the married ones, belonging to the middle and upper class families, whose taking up of home gainful employment is comparatively a recent phenomenon. The educated working women constitute rather a recently emerging social group whose emergence in it is an indication of the significant socio economic and politico legal changes taking place in our country

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