Volume : IX, Issue : V, May - 2020

A Rare and Incidental finding of Cholecystogastric Fistula: Case Series

Dr Amarjot Singh, Dr Anjani Kumar Tripathi, Dr Priyanka Rai, Dr Mamta Dwivedi

Abstract :

Cholecystogastric fistula is rare complication of chronic and long standing gallstone disease. Cholecystogastric fistula is a type of cholecystoentric fistula (3-5%). Risk of Biliary fistulation causes gastrointestinal obstruction which is occurs most commonly in terminal ileum and ileo-caecal valve. Biliary fistulas occur in 3 – 5% of patients with gallstones [1], with the duodenum being the most common site of fistulation followed by the stomach [2]. The risk with fistulation is subse-quent obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract which, interest- ngly, is reported to occur most commonly in the terminal ileum and ileocecal valve Cholecystogastric fistula most commonly occurs in elderly females. Described is an insidious clinical course, so this syndrome remains a rare clinical entity in elderly patients with chronic abdominal pain. Many surgeons and hospital still argue that 1-stage surgery involving stone removal, fistula repair and cholecystectomy remains the only effective means of treatment. Cholecystogastric fistula is a very difficult problem usually diagnosed intra-operatively. A high degree of suspicion at operation is mandatory. A stapled cholecystofistulectomy may be the procedure of choice since it avoids contamination of the peritoneal cavity. Complete laparoscopic management of cholecystoenteric fistulas is possible in well-equipped high-volume centres.

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A RARE AND INCIDENTAL FINDING OF CHOLECYSTOGASTRIC FISTULA: CASE SERIES, Dr Amarjot Singh, Dr Anjani Kumar Tripathi, Dr Priyanka Rai, Dr Mamta Dwivedi GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : Volume-9 | Issue-5 | May-2020

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