Volume : VII, Issue : XI, November - 2018

Anatomic variations in the middle cerebral artery in human cadavers

Dr. Smita B. Shinde, Dr. Ga Shroff, Dr. Savita Kadam

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Introduction:Middle cereal artery (MCAis the largest anch among all the anches of internal carotid artery,abnormal development of which in the emyonic period can lead to developmental anomalies of the cereal arteries. The present study was aimed to describe the anatomical variations in the MCA in the formalin preserved ains of human cadavers.

Methodology: This study was conducted in the Department of Anatomy, Mahatama Gandhi Mission Medical College, Aurangabad in which 50 formalin preserved specimens of ain were dissected. We carefully dissected the MCA on either side from its origin to its termination and its course was traced through the lateral cereal fissure. We carefully and delicately separated the arterial networks of the Circle of Willis along with the MCA of both sides and using a verniercaliper the dimensions of the MCA were measured.

Results:In all specimens, MCA originated from the internal carotid artery, and it ran towards the posterior end of the lateral sulcus of the cereal hemispheres lateral to the optic chiasma. The length ranged from 11.3 to 26.2 mm, with mean length being 18.9 and 17.6 mm in the right and left side respectively. Diameter of the MCA ranged from 2.5 cm to 4.8 cm, with mean diameter being 3.12 and 3.24 cm in the right and left side respectively. Symmetric anching of MCA was seen in 22 specimens and rest had asymmetric anching.

Conclusions: Awareness about the anatomical variations in the morphometric measurements and anching patterns of MCA are essential from the clinical viewpoint. Since these variations are rare, multi-centric studies with larger sample size are required in future.

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