Volume : VII, Issue : II, February - 2018


Saswat Kumar Das, Dr. Deo Raj Tiwari, Ankit Pandey, Anupam Sharma, Ali Aman

Abstract :


Direct current motor is an important drive configuration for many applications across a wide range of powers and speed. It have variable characteristics and used extensively in variable-speed drives in any or both direction i.e. clockwise and anti-clockwise. The goal of this project is to make a sustainable modification to the garage door in order to reduce the human effort while their opening and closing and also to increase the safety of the garages. This modification is not limited to only garage door but it can be applied to several doors which are of the sliding and rolling nature.

After this modification the doors can be opened can closed at the swipe of a card or a finger print scanning.

With the application of this modification the doors are tend to be more secure and in case of any chances of robbery the proper installed alarm can be triggered through an electrical impulse sent over to installed alarm at the nearest security station.

This modification is not only sustainable but is also cost effective as a whole new door and supporting system are not installed. Rather customizable standard modifications are designed to be installed with existing doors in order to make them operational as well as more secure.

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Saswat Kumar Das, Dr. Deo Raj Tiwari, Ankit Pandey, Anupam Sharma, Ali Aman, AUTOMATIC GARAGE DOOR OPENER, GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : VOLUME-7, ISSUE-2, FEBRUARY-2018

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