Volume : IV, Issue : IV, April - 2015

Bio-Clinical Study of Envenomed victims in Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad.

Dr. C. R. Ram Reddy, Dr. C. R. Vijay Bharath Reddy

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<p><p> Background & Objectives: Every year there are about one lakh cases of snake bite deaths all over the world, mostly either </p> <div>with coa, viper or krait snakes. Nearly about 1/3rd of them are reported in India. Still most of the rural population of </div> <div>India needs awareness regarding envenomation management. About 40% of snake bitten victims are losing their lives </div> <div>ignorantly due to delayed hospitalization and indulging in unscientific management. Sole object of this study is to project and impress upon the </div> <div>scientific management through clinical evaluation, study of bio–clinical samples with subsequent treatment of envenomed victims.</div> <div>Methods:</div> <div>Various types of data concerning 276 snake bite victims both live and dead cases were collected from retrospective, prospective and follow–up </div> <div>cases for coa bite detection during the period from 1999 to 2000. The live cases are followed clinically in the casualty, medical wards and ICU. </div> <div>Dead victims are examined in the mortuary of Osmania General Hospital, Hyderabad; A.P. Antibodies against coa venom are raised while </div> <div>conducting animal experimentations (rabbits and goats) and subjected the anti body sera to ELISA test against bio–samples of victims. Live bioclinical samples collected from the clinical wards are bitten area washings, blood, urine and cereo spinal fluid (csf) for further investigations. </div> <div>From the mortuary snake bite victim’s autopsy samples like skin bit, blood from right ventricle, liver and kidney are collected. All the samples are </div> <div>subjected to ELISA, histopathological examination and other routine investigations. </div> <div>Results: </div> <div>The results obtained in this study of envenomed victims of live and dead are analyzed, compiled and compared and they are found to be satisfied </div> <div>in their respective criterions. The same results are further strengthened with the observations of previous scientific studies mentioned later in the </div> <div>discussion part. </div> <div>Conclusion </div> <div>The clinical evaluation, biochemical and histopathological examination of all snake bite cases living and dead under the study have shown much </div> <div>convincing and corroborating evidences with one another. The results of the study are very much comparable and are consistent with previous </div> <div>scientific observations as expressed in discussions.</div></p>

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