Volume : IX, Issue : V, May - 2020

C1 C2 fusion by Goel technique - A review of cases in our institute.

Dinesh Jaluka, Barun Kumar Pal, Parthasarthi Dutta

Abstract :

Objective: we have reviewed clinically and radiologically results of C1C2 fusion in 15 cases with C1C2 instability. Method: We have operated on 15 patients in our institute from 2016 to 2020. All had undergone C1C2 fusion by Goel technique after proper pre and post operative evaluation both clinically and radiologically. Result: Out of 15 patients one died due to neurological deterioration. All other patients had definite benefit from surgery, they have been followed up to maximum of 18 months. Conclusion: There are various ways to treat CV junction instability. The Goel technique has revolutionized this dark area of neurosurgery. It was a difficult learning slope, but itís not invincible. One of our patient died, it was in our early phase of learning, all other patients had better quality of life. It should be treated early to avoid permanent neurodeficit.

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C1 C2 FUSION BY GOEL TECHNIQUE - A REVIEW OF CASES IN OUR INSTITUTE., Dinesh Jaluka, Barun Kumar Pal, Parthasarthi Dutta GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : Volume-9 | Issue-5 | May-2020

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