Volume : V, Issue : V, May - 2016


Dohou Shm, Codjo Hl, Gounongbe F, Ahotondji S, Houenassi Dm

Abstract :

 This study aims to assess cardiovascular risk among health care professionals of Parakouís hospitals. It was a descriptive cross-sectional study from april to july 2015 conducted in Parakouís hospitals. Cardiovascular risk factors (high blood pressure, hyperglycemia, tabagism, overweight, obesity and dyslipidemia) were assessed according to international guidelines. Those risk factors were used to estimate the global cardiovascular risk level basing on Framingham score. Data were managed by Epi info software We included 330 health care professionals. The main age was 38,21Ī8,06 years and the sex-ratio was 0,86. The prevalences were 24,55% for high blood pressure; 31,82% for overweight; 22,42% for obesity; 48,89% for dyslipidemia; 6,35% for diabetes; 7,88% for current tabagism and 75,15% for sedentarity. The global cardiovascular risk level was high for 1,27% workers. The overall prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors was high among health care professionals in Parakouís hospitals. Preventive actions are required to avert this rapid increase.

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Dohou SHM, Codjo HL, Gounongbe F, Ahotondji S, Houenassi DM CARDIOVASCULAR RISK FACTORS IN HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONELS OF PARAKOU¥S HOSPITALS IN 2015 Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol: 5, Issue : 5 MAY 2016

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