Volume : V, Issue : V, May - 2016

Choice Based Credit System: Pros and Cons

Mohammad Hasan

Abstract :

 Education system of India is full of intricacies of different nature. Every ladder of education has its own problems and prospects. However, attempts have been taken to lessen complexities. From ages, time to time commissions have been constituted to improve and remove the anomalies of Indian education system especially, ensuring quality and uniformity in India education system. Idea of Quality assurance cell has not only been mooted out but also implemented across the national level. Ensuring uniformity in Education System, especially at Under-Graduate level, Choice-Based Credit System has been confirmed mandatory. But the nature of Indian education system is much diverse and encompasses inherent problems of diversity in implementing the uniform system of evaluation. Present education system of India has got spread across the country in the form of Primary Education, Secondary Education and Tertiary Education. The last one of education sector has much importance in the process of developing nation. Major inventions and innovations have direct beŚ on the quality of higher education. So, quality is the major concern of the present higher education which could be judged and assessed only by the universally acclaimed system of evaluation and this could be possible through the CBCS. Thus, the present article aims to highlight the merit and demerit of Choice-Based Credit System.

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