Volume : IX, Issue : VI, June - 2020

e Learning - Future Perspective

Mrs. Nancy Varghese, Mrs. Minu Thomas

Abstract :

21st century has been an era of technological advancement. e learning is the network enabled learning contributing to the enhancement in knowledge, attitude and skill of learners. It is a newer form of social interaction emphasizing the learner centered activity. This form of digitalization enables the learners to integrate new awareness to the existing. The learner can make use of the best possible e learning tool to enrich their existing knowledge to become professionally competent. Education has become commercial in the present epoch. Entrepreneurís prefers funding for such e learning projects as this is the most promising and advancing field. Quality enhancement in e learning preparation need to be considered as there exists a tight competition. New generation learners wish to be self-dependent, self-directed and self-motivated. Considering this perspective educationalist should prepare an e learning tool which is compatible, comprehensive and flexible.

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E LEARNING - FUTURE PERSPECTIVE, Mrs. Nancy Varghese, Mrs. Minu Thomas GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : Volume-9 | Issue-6 | June-2020

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