Volume : IV, Issue : III, March - 2015


Dr. Ankush Ambardar, Dr. Megha Gupta

Abstract :

 Indian hotel industry is rapidly growing and providing services of international standards. This growth of hotel 

industry is seen to be benefiting stakeholders at some undeserved cost of the environment. The use of resources in 
hotel industry is unavoidable due to the nature of its products and services. The present paper attempts to understand 
the environmental sustainability concept related to hotel industry and the measures for controlling misuse of natural resources through well 
developed and managed environmental programmes. The study also encompasses related studies conducted and identifies evaluation and 
certification techniques to be beneficial for industry specific. More empirical studies are recommended to benefit Indian hotel industry and would 
be an addition into current literature. 

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Dr. Ankush Ambardar, Dr. Megha Gupta GREEN HOTELS: A STEPTOWARDS ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol: 4, Issue: 3 March 2015

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