Volume : VII, Issue : VIII, August - 2018

Impact of Indian Television serials on working women: a Study of common Prototypes

Lakshmi R, Dr Bk Ravi

Abstract :

Television in India has proven a most influential, infotainment medium powerful and popular among its audience. Television plays a prime role, in the telecasting of entertainment programs.  Sixty percent of the television slot is filled with entertainment programs such as serials, reality television, and comedy shows. Among these programs, television serials are the major entertainment program, occupying 20% of the schedule. In comparison to other television entertainment programs, teleserials have the highest TRP rate, pushing other programs aside. Modern television serials showcase women prototypes as a common element in their content. This may create a wrong perception towards real women. Since  they are popular, woman prototypes are a matter of interest in this study. In this regard, the researcher is looking to analyse woman prototypes. Hence, a survey would was carried out to know the impact among working women who reside  in Bangalore City. Also, to examine the content of the television serial, the case study method was used by the researcher. The scope of this study is to evaluate the portrayal of women and its impact on society. The status of Indian women is changing gradually, and these television serial prototypes are impacting women somewhere in the world.

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Lakshmi R, Dr BK Ravi, Impact of Indian Television serials on working women: a Study of common Prototypes, GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : Volume-7 | Issue-8 | August-2018

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