Volume : VI, Issue : II, February - 2017

IoT Compatible Wireless Smart Portable Mini Weather Analyzer

Damini H Patel, Prof. Aniruddh Amin

Abstract :

 Measurement and Control of humidity & temperature play an field like agriculture science ,Engineering & Technology . It become essential to monitor the load time weather condition of one place from another place . In this Paper we present the design & development of PIC - 16F877 based IoT for measuring humidity temperature & CO2 . The DHT - 11 sensor is used for measuring humidity & temperature . GC=0012 sensor used for measuring CO2 in air humidity ,temperature & CO2 measurements made in real-time are shown graphically .This information is  received by specially designed application interface running on pc connected through Wi-Fi  wireless link .The data generated will be in excel as well as graphically format using SAS software for analysis purpose. The Proposed system is also capable of generating short  time alerts based on weather parameters. It gives an on line & real-time effects. The  idea behind to this work  is to monitor the weather facility & warm AMC from environment effect.


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Damini H Patel, Prof. Aniruddh Amin, IoT Compatible Wireless Smart Portable Mini Weather Analyzer, GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : Volume-6, Issue-2, February‾2017

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