Volume : IV, Issue : I, January - 2015


Dr. N. Ramanjaneyalu, Ms. Tejaswini Patil

Abstract :

The purpose of this paper is to establish the relevant competencies possessed by Management teachers and the relationship between those competencies and the exhibited Organizational Citizenship Behavior. The study was carried out in three phases. Phase one was qualitative using interview method. From this interview competencies and key result areas were determined. Phase two was qualitative where in the questionnaire was developed using the competencies and key result areas. In phase three questionnaires on Organizational Citizenship Behavior was designed. The final questionnaire was administered to 100 management teachers. The objectives of the study were to identify the competencies of management teachers, which facilitates them to perform their job better, to determine the OCB level of management teachers, Impact of experience, qualification, gender, and external opportunities available for them and to understand the relationship between competencies and OCB.The research implications are Competency–based recruitment, selection process and Training and Developmental plans.

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Dr. N.Ramanjaneyalu,Ms. Tejaswini Patil MANAGEMENT TEACHERSí ORGANISATIONAL CITEZENSHIP BEHAVIOUR: THE IMPACT OF COMPETENCIES Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol: 4, Issue: 1 January 2015

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