Volume : V, Issue : II, February - 2016

Poverty Alleviation and Economic Empowerment of Women

Prof. Sunita Kaler

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<p> The Art of Living empowers women to face the present challenges by providing tools and techniques that help to eliminate individual stress. A sense of community spirit is created that allows for women to face these similar challenges as a team rather than individually. The Art of Living encourages women to find practical solutions to their challenges so that each one becomes self-dependent in their own right. In India, We still have illiterate and poor village women financially dependent on their family members even though they are hard working & have their own abilities to be financially self dependent.. But,they wonot get any good job and no financial support to start their own house hold businesses. For such huge group of people and by keeping women empowerment in mind there are some organizations which provide all facilities & job opportunities for women in housekeeping & security services .Empowering women in developing countries is essential to reduce global poverty since women represent most of the world’s poor population.Eliminating a significant part of a nation’s work force on the sole basis of gender can have detrimental effects on the economy of that nation. In addition, female participation in counsels, groups, and businesses is seen to increase efficiency</p>

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