Volume : VII, Issue : II, February - 2018

Prevalence of Smart Phone Addiction in Medical Undergraduates - A Cross - Sectional Study.

Dr. Prabhukiran Vishwanath Gogi, Dr. Anusha V Reddy, Dr. Somasundara Babu Suryaprakash Rayala

Abstract :


To  estimate  the  prevalence  of  potential  excessive smart  phone  use  in  medical  undergraduates and the demographic  parameters associated  with  smart  phone  addiction  in  male  and  female students.

Materials and methods

A cross sectional study using smart phone addiction scale short version (SAS-SV), 150 medical undergraduates aged 18 to 25 years were assessed.


There  is  a  significant  association  between  males (50%) , management  fee /C category  students (35.29%) and  excessive  smart  phone  use  with   p < 0.0482  and  <0.010  respectively. Smart phone was most commonly used for messenger application ( whatsapp, fb messenger, google hangouts, etc) followed by  video streaming websites (youtube).


Smartphones  can be appreciated  by the  advantages offered  however  adolescents  need  to  be  cautious  about  its  addictive potential  that  will adversely  affects  the  mental  health

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Dr.Prabhukiran Vishwanath Gogi, Dr.Anusha V Reddy, Dr. Somasundara Babu Suryaprakash Rayala, Prevalence of Smart Phone Addiction in Medical Undergraduates‾A Cross‾Sectional Study., GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : VOLUME-7, ISSUE-2, FEBRUARY-2018

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