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<p><p> Investment in a country by individuals and organizations from other countries is an important aspect of international </p> <div>finance. This flow of international finance may take the form of portfolio investment (acquisition of securities) or direct </div> <div>investment (creation of productive facilities). This paper focuses that an inflow of FDI improves economic growth and </div> <div>thereby enhances employment opportunities. The main objective of this paper is to find out the role of FDI in employment generation, especially </div> <div>in case of India. Most studies have shown that the impact of FDI on the host country has been generally favourable in developing countries. It is an </div> <div>important stimulus for the economic growth of India. It creates high perks jobs for skilled employees in Indian service sector. It has helped to raise </div> <div>the output, productivity and employment in many sectors, especially in service sector. Banking and insurance is first and telecommunication is </div> <div>second segment of service sector which pick the growth after coming of FDI. There has been a visible positive impact on the creation of jobs not </div> <div>only in those sectors attracting FDI inflows but also in the supportive domestic industries. FDI play a major role in world trade and investments </div> <div>because of their high management skills, technology, financial resources and other related advantages</div></p>

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