Volume : IV, Issue : XI, November - 2015


Vikram Singh

Abstract :

The word ‘slum‘ is often used to describe informal settlement within cities that have inadequate housing and miserable living conditions. Slums are not a new phenomenon. They have been a part of the history of almost all cities. The main reasons for slum proliferation to rapid and non inclusive pattern of urbanization catalyzed by increasing rural migration to urban areas. Thus the urban centres and big cities which are industrially developed have been the epicenter for slums origin and further expansion . Slums play malfunctioning as well as functional role in the economy and social sphere of any area city or town that is why it is of utmost importance to study all aspects of slums. Hence slums have their spatial dimensions so they get particular attention from geography discipline. Haryana is an economically and industrially developed state of India. Haryana has 75 slum reporting towns out of 154 towns in the state with 1265 slums which are a home to 3.2% slum population of total slum population of India. The current study is mainly focused on the geographical distribution of slums in Haryana. For the purpose of the study Slum data released by Census of India was used this data was analyzed with suitable methods and maps were prepared as per the requirement. The results reveal that the major concentration of slums are found with three cities towns namely Faridabad, Panipat and Rohtak and slums are located surrounding the industrial and residential area mainly.

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VIKRAM SINGH Slums in Haryana: a Geographical Study Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol: 4, Issue: 11 November 2015

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