Volume : VI, Issue : XII, December - 2017

Socio-demographic study of school going adolescents

Himanshi Makkar

Abstract :

 Aim Study of demographic information of school going obese adolescents of Chandigarh

Methodology A total of 1002 subjects comprising of boys and girls aged 15-19 years were studied cross- sectionally in schools of Chandigarh. For data collection a self-structured questionnaire was used which comprised of questions pertaining to socio-economic status, type of school and family history of disease. Questionnaire consisted of multiple choice, close and open ended questions.

Result 35.36% and 12.40% adolescents going to private and government school respectively were found to be obese. 26.10% of adolescents belonging to upper class were found obese. 46.89% of adolescents have a family history of diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Conclusion The findings revealed that most of the adolescents belonging to higher  socio-economic status (SES) were positively associated with a higher intake of high-energy foods such as cakes, ice-cream, burgers and sandwiches. Thus, higher prevalence of obesity in private schools as children going to these schools belong to elite class. 

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