Volume : III, Issue : II, February - 2014

Evaluating Musculoskeletal Complications Among Individuals With Diabetes Mellitus

Dr. Simran Maheshwari, Dr. Subhan Quraishi, Dr. Babita Ghodke

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Spirituality is a sacred aspect of human life that refers to the quality of being concerned with religion specially, for those having faith in God. Having faith in God bears a very oad meaning that whatever happens in this universe is through the command of Allah and Allah has power to do anything what He wants without seeking any help of material or immaterial entities and powers. Such belief in God strengthen human being to cope with all sorts of situations or circumstances through their spiritual power. Therefore, psycho- physiological health can also be improved and maintained by strengthening human spirituality to keep away all sorts of evils coming in the way of oneís life. In view of such assertion, the present paper was aimed to deliberate the aspect of psycho-physiological health as a function of spiritualistic belief and behavior. It is, indeed, true that spirituality has always been a guiding and directing sacred force to keep oneself psycho-physiologically healthy. In fact, spiritual bent of mind and behavior is most likely to help human being for alleviating from all psycho-physiologically sufferings. Spirituality is a state of holy way of believing and behaving which is governed by high order religiosity, especially those believing in oneness of God (Allah). The phenomenon of spirituality is something which can never be measured but the aspect of spirituality can only be seen or observed which is reflected from the life of religiously spiritual people. Moreover, it is also important to stress on the fact that a spiritual person is so humble in his behavior while interacting with people that he/she never pose his/her religious power and practices because such people have high intensity of fear of Allah and simultaneously also have high level of hope to get forgiveness from Him. Here, it is important to highlight that fear and hope from Allah is the most important bent of mind which seems to be instrumental in governing psycho-behavioral functioning of a spiritual person. Spirituality- being belief in the oneness of God, shapes the psycho-physical personality of a spiritual person in such a fashion in which both Quranic teaching and the prophetís life are reflected. On the basis of Quran and Hadees, if one lives the life then it is most likely that the person may be away from psycho-physiological sufferings. In this regard it can be firmly advocated that even if some psycho-physiological problems occur then these may be overcome by adopting the means of dua, sadqa and khairat but in the circumstances of high intensity of illness, one should also use medicine and/or meet to the doctor because it is also witnessed from the life of our prophet (S.A.W). However, in quest for combating illnesses, both practices be followed simultaneously by an spiritual person because one does not know that which is effective one or both combined together are functionally becoming instrumental for relieving from disease. The belief in the will of God is the basis of spirituality. In the light of the above, the present deliberation will highlight the qualities of a spiritual person which, in turn, may protect him from the diseases of both psycho-physiological nature. It is imperative to mention here that when life tends to over by the command of Allah, then thereafter no worldly means, either spirituality or material resource can save human-being and this is one of the signs of the existence of Allah who is the creator of what is there in the universe and all that matters, happens on Allahís will. The paper will exhaustively discuss spirituality and its various contributing components for minimizing the pains of illnesses as well as sometimes completely eradicating even the symptoms of psycho-physiological diseases as spirituality is very effective for coping with psychological sufferings but physiological sufferings can also be controlled and eradicated by spirituality as well.

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