Volume : VI, Issue : II, February - 2017

Stabilization of Self Assembled 3D Photonic Crystals

Rajesh Bhardwaj, A. S. Rawat, Shobha Shukla

Abstract :

 We have synthesized Poly-methylmethaacrylate (PMMA) three dimensional (3D) Photonic crystals by tuning the size of PMMA nanospheres via self-assembly method and stabilizing its surface by coating it with Poly-vinylalcohol (PVA). We present a simple, low cost self assembly method to produce uniform, large area 3D photonic crystals using PMMA nanospheres and stabilizing the surface of these PhCs with PVA. The monodispersed PMMA nanospheres have been characterized by characterized using DLS, SEM, HR-TEM and UV-Vis spectroscopy measurements. 

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Rajesh Bhardwaj, A.S.Rawat, Shobha Shukla, Stabilization of Self Assembled 3D Photonic Crystals, GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : Volume-6, Issue-2, February‾2017

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