Volume : III, Issue : XI, November - 2014

Study of Elongated Styloid Process in Dry Human Skulls and its Clinical Importance.

Dr. Pinky R. Chauhan, Dr. Taruna V. Rathod, Dr. Astha A. Jain, Dr. Maulik D. Patel, Dr. Dipali J. Trivedi, Dr. T. C. Singel

Abstract :

Aim and Objective: The objective of present study is to know the incidence of elongated styloid process and to determine the average length of styloid process. Materials & Method: .The present study was conducted on 110 dry human skulls of unknown age and sex taken from Anatomy Department at B. J. Medical College, Civil Hospital, Ahmedabad and GMERS Medical college, Gandhinagar. Results: Out of 110 unknown dry human skulls, 16(14.5%) had elongated styloid process. Conclusion: Knowledge from the present study will be helpful to the clinicians, dentists and otolaryngologists for treatment of Eagleís syndrome.

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STUDY OF ELONGATED STYLOID PROCESS IN DRY HUMAN SKULLS AND ITS CLINICAL IMPORTANCE., Dr. Pinky R. Chauhan,Dr. Taruna V. Rathod,Dr. Astha A. Jain,Dr. Maulik D. Patel,Dr. Dipali J. Trivedi,Dr. T.C.Singel GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : Volume-3 | Issue-11 | November-2014

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