Volume : VII, Issue : II, February - 2018

The challenge of services marketing in the context of emerging global service economy

Dr. Delli Kumar Koti

Abstract :


Given the intangibility of service, marketing them becomes a particularly challenging and yet extremely important task. Due to the increasing homogeneity in product offerings the attendant services proving are emerging as key differentiator in the mind of the consumers. This paper presents a conceptual frame work summarizing the exclusive characteristics of services, the challenges occurs from these characteristics and strategies suggested as appropriate to conquer the issues. Today almost every service organization is facing the marketing challenges in global service economy due to the basic characteristics of services. Most of the studies focus on compå differences in buyer characteristics and only few compare how goods and services relate to their markets based on these differences. Even the literature, providing marketing implication arising out of the goods-services distinction and suggesting marketing strategies, suffers from certain drawbacks. The services marketing literature doesn’t uncover the most critical problems facing most service firms today. This paper is a pure academic attempt to uncover these critical problems faced by many firm today.

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Dr. DELLI KUMAR KOTI, The challenge of services marketing in the context of emerging global service economy, GLOBAL JOURNAL FOR RESEARCH ANALYSIS : VOLUME-7, ISSUE-2, FEBRUARY-2018

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