Volume : IV, Issue : IX, September - 2015


Adv. Mihir Dilip Kalambi

Abstract :

The current economic scenario is more inclined towards the use of Electronic technology .In today’s existing climate of digital interaction, the concept of a ‘Shå Economy’ is gaining momentum. New developments are following in the footsteps of those entrepreneurs who have provided the ongoing industry developments combined with the increased use sophisticated technology and advancements. E-commerce and M-commerce sectors represent one of the most sought after and innovative and rapidly evolving sectors worldwide. The digital economy has ought about huge changes in almost each and every industry .The use of technology and its revolution has ought about several exciting opportunities not only for the commercial world but also an individual’s personal use. This article aims to provide an insight on aspect of E-Commerce and M- Commerce which helps today’s entrepreneurs expand their market to national and international markets.

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Adv. Mihir Dilip Kalambi The Digital World of Commerce : A Note on �E-Commerce� & �M-Commerce� Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol: 4, Issue: 9 September 2015

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