Volume : IV, Issue : XI, November - 2015


Acharya Bhavna Vinodkumar

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THE IMAGE OF WOMEN IN SHOBHA DES NOVELS The Present Article seeks to provide a modest study of the novels of Shobha De, the most popular Indian Women writer in English. It attempts to make comprehensive critical comments on her fiction with an emphasis on the image of women portrayed in her novels. Shobha De believes in a very frank narration of incidents and openheartedness. Since the researcher seeks to explore and explicate overall images of women appeared in her novels, It is a fascinating study from the Indian point of view . Shobha De has explored imaginatively the varied world of women characters in her popular fiction. She emphasizes the quest for meaning of life, identity and unfulfilled emotional life of the characters through her novels. However, it is an important assertion that though Des novels such as Starry Nights, Sultry Days, Snapshots etc. are crowded with female characters, the analysis of the novels clearly indicates that her focus is only on the women protagonists, and the other secondary female characters are simply mentioned. Shobha De depicts the warring pairs of women and throws a significant light on womens indulgence in individual happiness and selfish pleasures. She ings out the psychological truth that woman is the enemy of woman.

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