Volume : IV, Issue : II, February - 2015

The language of advertising in print media

Dr, Vasant. D. Satpute, Yahya Ahmed Alfagier

Abstract :

The present work is an attempt to study the features of language of advertising as it is used in both print media or visuals aids. It is mainly intended to concentrate or certain observations which seem unnatural and exhibit deviation from the existing norms of the linguistic structure of the language. There are several media through which advertisements can be presented to the consumer. It can be presented through print such as in newspapers, magazines, and posters: and secondly, through electronic means like television, radio, electric displays and others like theater, screen advertising etc… The language that is used in advertisements can be distinguished from the language that is used in other domains. It has been recognized that the advertising language has it is own characteristics and internal organization so that the language used in advertising is meticulously designed to create an impact, build conviction, incite curiosity and induce an active positive attitude to the message. Almost all advertisements have imperative, persuasive effects upon the readers. The effects are achieved by certain linguistic stylistic components of language.

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Dr, Vasant.D.Satpute, Yahya Ahmed ALFagier The language of advertising in print media Global Journal For Research Analysis, Vol: 4, Issue: 2 February 2015

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