Volume : VI, Issue : XII, December - 2017

The role of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court

Ali Mohammad Hasan Thynat

Abstract :

 The Prosecutor In general,is the decisive figure among the international legal professionals of the Court. It is the first court in the Tribunal to respond to crimes committed and falling within the jurisdiction of the Court. In view of the nature of the International Criminal Court based on treaties and the mandate and powers of the Prosecutor provided for in the Rome Statute, he is a stronger and independent Prosecutor; and through what we will provide and in the absence of the power to enforce and separate from the United Nations, he is also the weakest prosecutor. The role of the Prosecutor is crucial for the International Criminal Court and for international criminal justice. His choice of cases to investigate and identify suspects and his performance in prosecution has a long-term global impact and will necessarily be the mode of operation of the  ICCCourt.

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