Volume : VII, Issue : VI, June - 2018

A Histopathological study and MDR -1 Expression in Gastric Carcinoma

Dr. S. Ramesh

Abstract :

Introduction:Gastric carcinoma is one of the common cause for cancer related mortality.There are three genes related to drug resistance,Multi drug resistance gene(MDR),Multi drug resistance Protein(MRP) and the lung resitance Protein (LRP).Material and Methods:30 gastrectomy specimens from surgical department received.5 microns thick section cut.Stained with hematoxyllin and Eosin (H &E), Immunohistochemical study carried out using MDR–1 antibodies.Conclusion:18 out of 30 cases show positivity for MDR–1 gene expression.

Keywords :

Gastric carcinoma   MDR–1  

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Dr.S.Ramesh, A Histopathological study and MDR -1 Expression in Gastric Carcinoma, PARIPEX‾INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH : Volume-7 | Issue-6 | June-2018

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