Volume : V, Issue : I, January - 2016

A trend analysis of Trade imbalance of Indian Balance of Payment (BOP)

Ms. Lovely Srivastava, Dr. Ambalika Sinha, Ms. Geetu Yadav

Abstract :

Purpose– India is now getting more integrated with the worldwide economy. In 2013–14 Indian two–way external–sector transactions gone up about 113% of the country’s GDP. The cross border uncertainty in the financial markets has transmitted through the various channels such as trade, finance, and confidence. Due to globalization, the developing countries like India experiences undesirable strain on its Balance of Payment (BoP). The objective of this study is to identify and analyze the factors that influence the country’s BoP. Research Methodology – This paper is based on secondary data, which is collected through various sources like report of RBI, IMF, and Economic Survey etc. The paper is Descriptive in nature. Findings – The result will signify that what will be the degree of impact of influencing factors on country’s BoP. This paper also assesses the link between trade imbalances factors and its effect on current and capital accounts of Indian Balance of Payment.

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Ms. Lovely Srivastava, Dr. Ambalika Sinha, Ms. Geetu Yadav A Trend Analysis of Trade Imbalance of Indian Balance of Payment (Bop) Paripex-Indian Journal Of Research, Vol: 5, Issue : 1 January 2016

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