Volume : V, Issue : I, January - 2016

Aneurysm of distal ulnar artery in 8 year–old boy a case report.

Walaszek Ireneusz, Hanna Chojnacka, El Bieta Gawrych, Justyna Rajewska Ndash Majchrzak

Abstract :

The aneurysm of hand is an extremely rare condition, especially in children. We report case of 8 year–old boy with a 4–week history of a palmar soft tissue mass, and no record of trauma to this area. Angiography of the left achial artery revealed a properly developed artery with a dilatation in the area of the hypothenar eminence, as well as four smaller aneurysms located on the digital anches of the superficial palmar arch from second to fifth finger. Following a consultation with a hand surgery specialist, a surgical treatment was proposed to the patient and his parents. The aneurysm was resected. The ulnar artery was reconstructed using an inverted vein graft harvested from the distal saphenous vein. At the 3–month follow–up, the patient had no complains, and both function and sensation of his left hand were assessed to be normal.  

Keywords :

aneurysm   children   ulnar artery  

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Walaszek Ireneusz, Hanna Chojnacka, Elナツツツシbieta Gawrych, Justyna Rajewska–Majchrzak Aneurysm of Distal Ulnar Artery in 8 Year-Old Boy A Case Report. Paripex-Indian Journal Of Research, Vol: 5, Issue : 1 January 2016

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