Volume : VIII, Issue : XI, November - 2019

Clinical profile of plantar fasciitis: a tertiary care center study

Dr Deepak Kumar Sharma, Dr Suman Badhal, Dr R. K. Wadhwa, Dr Nonica Laisram, Dr Vinay Kanaujia

Abstract :

Background: Plantar fasciitis is a degenerative tissue condition with symptom of heel pain. Treatment includes patient education, NSAIDS, localinjections,surgery& footwear modification alternative therapy.Aim &Objective:To study the clinical profile of plantar fasciitis patients. Methods:Prospective cross– sectional studywith 40 diagnosed unilateral or bilateral plantar fasciitis patients satisfied inclusion and exclusion criteria attendedthe PMR opdof VMMC & Safdarjung hospital were enrolled . Detailed history and clinical examination done. Results:Patients mean age group was 36.92 ± 7.99 years among them60% females&40% were males also involvement of left side is more 60% & right side 40%, the occupation profiles are 35% homemakers, 35% professionals, 17.50% laborer &12.50% were students Conclusion: Female homemakers and professionals of age group 31–40 years were mostly affected with dominancy of left heel.

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CLINICAL PROFILE OF PLANTAR FASCIITIS: A TERTIARY CARE CENTER STUDY, Dr Deepak Kumar Sharma, Dr Suman Badhal, Dr R.K.Wadhwa, Dr Nonica Laisram, Dr Vinay Kanaujia PARIPEX-INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH : Volume-8 | Issue-11 | November-2019

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