Volume : IX, Issue : I, January - 2020

Dynamic Virtual Machine Migration using Ratio-based Method

Dr. Haresh Damjibhai Khachariya, Dr. Jayesh N. Zalavadia

Abstract :

Cloud computing provides various services over the internet and its increasing day by day. Given the growing demands of cloud services, it requires a lot of computing resources to meet customer needs. So, the addition of energy consumption through cloud computing resources will increase day by day and become a key obstacle in the cloud environment. In cloud computing, data centers consume more energy and additionally release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. To reduce energy consumption through the cloud datacenter, energy–efficient resource management is required. In this paper a specific technique for performing virtual machines through datacenter is given. Our goal is to reduce power consumption on the datacenter by reducing the host running in the cloud datacenter. To reduce power consumption, schedule the incoming task such a way that all the resources like ram, cpu(mips) and bandwidth utilize in equal weightage. Then after if any host is over utilized then migrate one or more vm from that host to another host as well as if any host is underutilize then migrate running vm of that host and switch off the under loaded host to save energy.

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DYNAMIC VIRTUAL MACHINE MIGRATION USING RATIO-BASED METHOD, Dr.Haresh Damjibhai Khachariya, Dr. Jayesh N. Zalavadia PARIPEX-INDIAN JOURNAL OF RESEARCH : Volume-9 | Issue-1 | January-2020

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