Volume : IV, Issue : XII, December - 2015

E– Learning– Revolutionizing Management Education in Digital Age

Dr. Manjari Agarwal

Abstract :

e–learning is gradually been adopted in professional programmes especially in Management Programmes across the globe as it is facilitating all the requirements of a traditional class room setup. Management programmes can be offered in e–learning mode by using technological advancements which can enhance managerial skills in the learners for competing successfully in the global business environment. Nevertheless, deployment of ICT in analyzing case studies and real corporate examples can scale up the teaching and learning of management programmes and can also foster employability skills among the learners. Thus, there is a need for adopting latest technologies, virtual infrastructure, e–contents and softwares in the management education, both in curricula as well as in dissemination, for facilitating learners in acquiring skillset sufficient enough for operating in the newfangled business environment.

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