Volume : VI, Issue : IV, April - 2017

Abstract :

 Tuberculosis remains most important communicable disease of the world in which various blood changes occurs. Absolute WBC Count is one of the most important abnormality.Aim:To evaluate various blood changes associated with pulmonary tuberculosis  and compare with normal controls to evaluate prognostic value of these blood changes.Material and methods:Absolute count, product of total WBC count times the percentage of WBC’s seen on differential smear in 50 untreated sputum positive cases of pulmonary TB and after 2 months and 6 months of anti–tubercular treatment and of control groups were compared and analysed statistically.Result:24 cases had absolute neutrophil count>6000/cumm of blood,11 had absolute lymphocyte count<1500/cumm of blood during admission.6 months after therapy all cases except 2 had absolute neutrophil and lymphocyte counts within normal range.Conclusion:.In active stage of disease leucocytosis with neutrophilia and lymphopenia were seen although tuberculosis  is a chronic infection.Blood abnormalities secondary to TB returned to normal with proper therapy.

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Tuberculosis   neutrophils   lymphocytes   WBC  

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