Volume : VII, Issue : VII, July - 2018

Mutual fund in India

Renu Bala

Abstract :

Mutual  funds  are  financial  intermediate  which  collect  the savings  of  investors  and  invest  them  in  a  large  and  well  diversified portfolio  of  securities.  The  major  advantages  for  the  investors  are reduction in risk, expert professional mgt, diversified portfolio and tax benefit.  By  pooling  of  their  assets  through  mutual  funds  maestros achieve economies of scale. Mutual funds are to be established in the form of trust under Indian trust act,  and are to be operated by Asset. Management  Company  (AMC).  Mutual  fund  dealing  exclusively  with money  market  instruments  are  to  be  regulated  by  RBI.  Mutual  fund dealing primarily with capital market and also partly in money market instruments is to be regulated by SEBI. All schemes floated by mutual funds are to be registered with SEBI.

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