Volume : VII, Issue : VII, July - 2018

Pancytopenia a common presenting feature of Megaloblastic anemia.

Binay Kumar Singh, Indal Kumar

Abstract :

Objective:Megaloblastic anemia is a common clinical condition, many patients presents as  Pancytopenia turned out to be megaloblatic anemia because of Vitamin B12 and folic acid deficiency. There are limited number of studies in Indian subcontinent and few studies are available from the other parts of the worlds on the frequency of various causes of pancytopenia, to Analyze the  clinicopathological profile in pancytopenia and its causes.

Methodology :Prospective observational study, on  210  Subjects of pancytopenia older than 13 years, meeting  inclusion  criteria. The detailed clinical and laboratory workup was done  including complete blood count, peripheral smear examination, serum Lactate Dehydrogenase,bone marrow aspiration,  biopsy and staining with special stains.

Results :In our study 210 cases of pancytopenia 116 (55.3%) were males and  94( 44.7%) females.The  majority of the patients were in younger age group 13 – 30 years (64.7%).

Megaloblasticanemia was the most common cause of pancytopenia in 83 (39.52%) ,aplastic anemia in 57 (27%), malaria in 17 (8.09%) and hypersplenism in 16 ( 7.61%) of patients.Acute leukemia, myelodysplastic syndrome, SLE, HBV , multiple myeloma, and sepsis were uncommon.

Conclusion :Megaloblastic anemia and aplastic anemia were amongst the common etiological diagnosis of pancytopenia, comprising 2/3 of all cases. Severe Anemia was more common in megaloblastic anemia. Thrombocytopenia was more common in patients of aplstic anemia, resulting bleeding manifestations.

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