Volume : VII, Issue : V, May - 2018

Retrospective study of uterine rupture : Understanding the acute emergency.

Dhiraj Kishore, Amita Diwakar

Abstract :

 Uterine Rupture is a life threatening emergency condition. We aimed this retrospective analytical study to understand incidence of

uterine rupture, it‘s risk factors, maternal outcome and the approach to manage this emergency condition in eastern UP India at
SS Hospital Varanasi. Study revealed very high prevalence of uterine rupture 0.62%. Scar rupture (68.57%) plays a major role with
high mortality (20%).
Conclusion: Previous caesarian section and scarred uterus was commonest risk factor. Impending uterine rupture by proper
partogram and timely referral to tertiary care centre remains key to reduce the adverse out come.

Keywords :

Uterine   rupture   caesarian    scar.  

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