Volume : IV, Issue : VII, July - 2015


Mrs. L. Nithya, Dr. Mrs. S. Suma Devi

Abstract :

Retirement is one of the most important cross roads that we face in life. It involves a fundamental change in lifestyle–one that calls for a totally new outlook on how we approach each day. Retirement can be defined as the exit from an organizational position or career path of considerable duration. Motivation to continue working after retirement is concerned with the expectations and preferences towards staying employed beyond retirement age decision whether or not to work after retirement age is influenced by both work–related and non–work–related factors. The main objective of this research is to study the motivational factors for working after retirement and the problems faced by the retired working employees. The research was conducted on a sample of 120 respondents and data were collected through questionnaire administered. The results of the study provide several theoretical and practical implications.

Keywords :

Retirement   Motivation   life style  

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Mrs. L.Nithya, Dr. (Mrs.) S.Suma Devi Working Beyond Retirement Ages‾An Emprical Study Paripex‾Indian Journal Of Research, Vol: 4, Issue : 7 July 2015

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