Volume : I, Issue : II, November - 2011

Entrepreneurship Education in India: Need for Policy Interventions

Dr. T. Sarathy, C. Silambarasan

Abstract :

Entrepreneurship education in India has gained relevance in todays context. Education in the area of entrepreneurship may help people to develop skills and knowledge, which could benefit them for starting, organizing and managing their own enterprises. It has been realized that the educational institutions do not offer any assurance to get access to employment in the formal job market. Entrepreneurship education is extremely important as it encourages innovation, fosters job creation, and improves global competitiveness. The nature of emerging economic entities, the new business formation provides the structures within which individuals acquire most of their economic resources as well as social recognition. Education, training and the work experience are considered as the most common indicators of human capital, associated with the success of entrepreneurs. Against this backdrop the present paper aims at analysing the importance of entrepreneurship education in India. There would also be an attempt at understanding how the policy interventions can be made to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit among the students. For clarity the paper is divided into the following major sections. Section one focuses on the conceptual analysis of entrepreneurship education. Section two highlights the integration of entrepreneurial education in the curricula of secondary and higher education. Section three initiates the debates on identifying the appropriate policy interventions for educational expansion in entrepreneurship.  

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